Who is Cima Software?

We develop solutions to help companies reduce costs and become more productive by better managing their information.

What is Cima365?

Cima365 is an Application Driven easily implemented turnkey Enterprise Content Management solution by Cima Software. It is designed to target industry specific needs,but can become inclusive to grow with your business over time. Cima365 aims to automate usually time consuming, paper intensive processes to increase productivity by creating digital records of all documents, and overall increase the efficiency of your organization. Cima365 allows you to focus on what is important and allow our Application Driven Enterprise Content Management Solution to take care of the tedious processes. To learn more, please download the
Cima365 Brochure.

Cima365 Products:

For help handling or automating your invoices and for accounts payable/accounts receivable solutions please visit Invoices365.

HR365 helps organize and manage employee files and various human resources tasks.

HealthCare365 provides the healthcare industry with solutions for patient file records management, electronic data collection, optimization for back office processes, and more.

Education365 helps educational institutions optimize academic and administrative processes.

Energy365 helps energy organizations optimize key internal processes while granting instant and secure access to relevant information.

Using Lending365, lenders can streamline loan approval processes.

For more information about Cima Software's solutions please contact us at info@cima-software.com